• Sailor & Ocean Wildlife Photographer


    Tom Whittemore Sailing Instructor

    Tom Whittemore is an experienced sailor who has traveled to more than 15 countries by ocean travel. Professionally trained, Whittemore is seasoned in long distance sailing and has completed various week long voyages. A skilled sailor, he has lent his expertise to numerous clubs and sailing teams over the years. Although he is currently located on the East Coast, Whittemore is an adventurer at heart. For this sailor, there is no better trip than one guided by the wind behind his sails! Available for both individuals and groups, Whittemore offers a variety of introductory, intermediate and expert level sailing and surfing instruction courses. True to its name, the expert level edition involves the planning of and preparation for a week long voyage along the East Coast!

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    On every trip, Tom Whittemore is always sure to bring a camera along for the journey. The sailor’s photography initially started out as a way to share a glimpse into his travels with family and friends. People would always ask about his sailing voyages. But to Whittemore, there’s no better way to share the experience than to see it. Mesmerized by the sights of marine wildlife and serene beaches, he knew he had to capture these views forever. Now he takes those memories back home with his ocean and underwater photography.